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We have been exporting from Guatemala for 13 years, living on the road in our RV for 9 years. We moved to Panajachel on Lake Atitilan for 3 years enabling us to get our products to match each other.  We practice what we call "Fair Wage", as we do not want to pay the overhead to be officially called Fair Trade. Our fair wage is giving the artisan co-ops the same as we use to pay the wholesalers in Panajachel. We had been dealing with the wholesalers for 5 years and then was contacted by the manager of a 300 woman co-op. We offered to pay her 20% more than she asked if she would give the actual artist 1/2 of the new money. Of course she agreed and now when we make an order they give us special attention and better quality. We are paying the same as we have always paid.

Update: Robert E Lee, founder of Guatemala Creations, Passed away suddenly August 18th 2018. I took my time figuring out what is next. I am going to Guatemala in August to Celebrate Robert with all the people we have seen what you buy does for them. The people we work with are so appreciative of the work. It has been and continues to be a JOY in my life. Thank You so much for shopping with us. Bobbi




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