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Money to the actual beader.


Its such a great feeling to know that after 9 years we can now partially control the money situation for the artists.

We know that when the artist get an order from "Guatemala Creations" they will receive a little extra money. When we placed our first order with the manager of 160 women co-op, she quoted us prices we had been paying the stores on Santander. I told her that we could work with that but she "MUST" pay the artist part of the extra money. If she did not do that we would not use her. She was happy to agree so we made the order. Maura makes sure that theartist are getting a little extra for each item they make. All of our Magnetic Bracelets, matching necklace and earrings come from special orders.

By not using the stores on Santander street we have cut out the middle man. To help the merchants out we still walk the street and buy from them, as long as we don't have to order. We buy all of our Zulu's off the street. We get our textile items from merchants as well.